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Senior Programming - Kahn Foundation

The Nathan Kahn-Ernestine Kahn-Charles Kahn Foundation

Lina Kahn was the sole survivor of a family with well established ties to Temple Israel. In 1987 while living in California, she contacted Temple Israel and informed the congregation of her intention to leave her estate to the Temple. She placed only one condition on the proposed bequest. The proceeds of the gift were to be used exclusively to provide for "the aid, assistance, and relief of the elderly…" Lina passed away in November, 1989.

The Nathan Kahn-Ernestine Kahn-Charles Kahn Foundation was established by Lina Kahn's gift in 1990, and is the result of her selfless act of generosity. It was made an endowed fund of Congregation Temple Israel.

The Kahn Foundation makes grants to nonprofit organizations that serve the elderly in the St. Louis metropolitan area.


Eligibility Criteria for a Kahn Grant

The Kahn Foundation will fund programs which speak to the goals of the Foundation and its stated purpose. The Kahn Foundation Committee reviews proposals and awards grants twice per year.  Funds are granted for a one-year period and may be considered for renewal. Grants are generally made in the range of $1,000-$20,000.

Grants will not be made to individuals, political causes and candidates, for-profit entities, or to cover regular operating costs, fund raising dinners or other benefits or courtesy advertising.

Click to download the Kahn Foundation Grant Guidelines

All correspondence should be clearly marked to the attention of the Kahn Foundation and sent to: The Kahn Foundation Committee c/o Congregation Temple Israel #1 Rabbi Alvan D. Rubin Drive, St. Louis, MO 63141-7670..


Questions? Contact Lisa Hirshberg at or 314-432-8050.






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