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Purchase Gift Cards or Shop for a Cause with our Scrip Program to benefit Temple Israel and DECC.

hat is the Scrip & Gift Card Program?
Temple Israel’s Scrip & Gift Card Program is an easy way to fundraise while you shop for your everyday purchases at no extra cost to you. Discover which parts of the program are right for your lifestyle.

What is Scrip?
SCRIP stands for “Substitute Cash Redeem in Person” and is just an old fashioned word for gift cards!  We sell scrip in physical (plastic) cards as well as electronic cards that can be redeemed right away!

How does it work?
Retailers, restaurants, and other vendors sell gift cards to Temple Israel at a discount. When you purchase them at regular price, the difference benefits the programs of Temple Israel including Preschool and Religious School. 

How often can I purchase gift cards?
That’s really up to you!  We have over 60 families with standing monthly orders for their favorite grocery, restaurants, and department stores. These cards are processed and mailed out the first of the month automatically!  Others buy occasionally, purchase different types of gift cards each month, or pick up cards as needed at the Temple office, as we keep commonly purchased cards on hand.

Where can I view a list of vendors?
There are more than 700 vendors to choose from. Visit our vendor website www.shopwithscrip.com to see the current listing of available vendors and bonus rebates being offered. If you would like to know what is currently in our inventory, call Melanie in our Temple office at 314-432-8050 or email Debbie at scrip@ti-stl.org.  

How fast can I receive the gift cards that I purchase?
How’s right now? Once you’re set up “PrestoPay”, the automatic payment method through our vendor, Shop with Scrip (Great Lakes), you can purchase an electronic gift card on your smart phone while standing in the checkout line. You can also get physical gift cards to keep on hand or give as gifts; if we already have it in stock, you can pick them up when the Temple office is open or we can mail them to you. If we don’t have the card in our inventory, we can order it for you. Orders placed by the 25th of the month are ready early the following month.

How do I pay?
We have a variety of payment methods, including check, automated bank withdrawal, credit cards (select gift cards cannot be paid by credit cards due to fees), and cash are accepted. You can also set up and enable “PrestoPay” to purchase cards instantly through our vendor, Great Lakes

I want in? How do I purchase?

Debbie, our Scrip Coordinator, will get you all set up and ready to shop. Please fill out this quick form below and Debbie will circle back ASAP.


Thank you to everyone who has participated in the Scrip & Gift Card Program. Because of you, 2016 profits exceeded $20,000.

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