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Above: Co-Chairs - David & Liz Weinstein and Janie & Eric Spirtas

Meet the Reimagining Campaign Co-Chairs:

When Rabbi Amy asks, you can’t say no!
…And so, when the Rabbi asked us to serve as the Co-Chairs of Temple Israel’s Reimagining Campaign, we enthusiastically said "yes".

The four of us have been members of Temple Israel since the early 1990s, and the three of us who are St. Louis natives grew up here as well. Over the past three decades, we and our children have enjoyed Jewish education here at Temple Israel in many forms: some of us through DECC; Religious School or Hebrew lessons; Camp Shook; becoming Bar/Bat Mitzvah or serving in leadership positions; and all of us celebrating countless holidays with our Rabbis, educators, and peers. As adults, we’ve continued to hone our knowledge of and remain connected to our Jewish values and traditions through the educational opportunities here at TI. And, as many of our TI parents know, Janie has been a teacher at the preschool for 11 years, and David served as TI’s President from 2007-10 where he worked to ensure the financial health of the congregation and education center. This campaign is so dear to us personally, and we want every family and every student to have the incredible experiences that we’ve enjoyed at TI, and in an upgraded facility. That’s why we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to lead this charge.

We truly understand how vital this project is to the future of our Temple, and that the results of this campaign will determine the education and security that we can provide our current learners as well as the generations to come. Since 1886, we have shaped our community through innovation, and we proudly continue that tradition today. Our world is changing—and it’s time to build an education facility to match.

With a complete, top-to-bottom renovation of our 57-year-old education building—placing safety, security, access, technology, and comfort at the forefront — we’ve already secured $6.85 million from 171 households. This support has come from about 50 generous, dedicated TI members who share our priority and responsibility for a state-of-the-art education facility. As we move into Phase 3 of the Reimagining Campaign, we have some work to do to raise the necessary dollars needed to finish the renovation.

This is where we need YOUR support!

We’ll be planning a series of individual and small group gatherings so that you can learn about the campaign and decide how you can help us reach our Phase 3 target of $4.45 million. We ask that you join us for one of those meetings, that you open your mind and your heart to the educational needs of our community, and that you consider adding your name to the list of campaign supporters as we create this incredible legacy for the future of Temple Israel.

As we move through this campaign, we’ll also be sharing updates on our progress, stories from our community about the many ways that the updated education center will tangibly impact lives, and personal accounts from our peers on why they’ve been inspired to give so generously to this project.

Our goal is to raise the needed pledges and gifts by December 31, 2019, so that our children, grandchildren, and teachers can learn and teach in a superb building that meets their current and future needs.

Let’s build this together!
Thank you,

Janie & Eric Spirtas
Campaign Co-Chairs
Liz & David Weinstein
Campaign Co-Chairs
314-229-2900 or 314-229-4000 or 

For immediate questions or more info, reach out to our Campaign team by clicking here.

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