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Vote registration deadline fast approaching. Are you registered?

Posted on Sunday, July 5, 2020

Primary Elections are not just a warm up for the main event in November. They offer an important opportunity for voters to decide who will be on the ballot representing their political party of choice in November. In addition to choosing who will contend for important statewide offices like Governor and Attorney General, voters will also decide on a variety of local, statewide and national representation, plus an amendment to the Missouri Constitution.
Every voter in every county across Missouri will vote on Amendment 2 - Medicaid Expansion. This is not a test run. There is no second vote in November.  The voters that show up and cast ballots in August will be the ones who decide Amendment 2. 

In St. Louis City there are primary challenges for both Treasurer and Circuit Attorney. St. Louis County voters will choose who will compete in November for both the County Executive position and a chance to serve on the County Council. In St. Charles there are decisions about representation in the US House of Representatives and the State Senate. 

If you are already looking ahead to November, don’t sit the August election out. Nationwide, primaries see an average of 20% turnout. Low turnout means each vote matters that much more. Your vote is your voice. I hope you will use it.
Michele Steinberg
TI Member

Voter registration must be postmarked by July 8 for the August Election.  
New Voter? Moved? Name Change? Check your Registration
You can register to vote online, by mail or in person at your local election authority:
Are You A Notary Willing to Donate Your Time?
Absentee and Mail In Ballots currently require notarization.  The NCJW and JCRC are assembling a schedule for notaries to be in front of libraries.  If you are interested please email  Jennifer Bernstein at 


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