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Annual High Holy Days Giving Opportunity

Cindy & Alex knew that they wanted to raise their children in a formal religion, but it wasn’t until their neighbor, TI’s Rabbi Rubin, invited them over for a chat that they made up their minds. “Rabbi Rubin was so welcoming to us as an interfaith family; we simply felt accepted.” Cindy & Alex continue to explore their Judaism. “Beginnings and endings are all around us; we’re just living in-between. Temple Israel truly enriches our in-between.”

“Our children enjoy going to preschool in a place that defines their religious values. They love all of the teachers, they are thriving, and they’ve become the children that they are today because of this amazing place. Having the kids attend Deutsch Early Childhood Center also helps me at home; the kids are excited to share traditions, and I’ve [Amy] learned so much because they share what they learn in class with me. We feel so lucky to be a part of this community.”

“I think we all wrestle with the concept of God, but I find that through leading music and pushing people out of their comfort zones to sing with me, all of a sudden we’re enjoying the service or the program that much more. We come together through music. I want to help TI continue to meet our community’s needs, be it through education, worship, music, or simply helping someone feel like they are not alone.”

At Temple Israel, you are not alone. It’s here that we come together to experience the values of Jewish learning, music and worship, and repair of the world. This is the place we all call home.  Membership dues and tuition fees only cover approximately 80% of the actual cost of what it takes to keep our Congregation’s doors open.

 All donations to Temple Israel are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Your contribution enables us to serve our congregation’s spiritual, social, and educational needs, as well as those of the greater Jewish community.

Thank you for your support!

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