Temple Directory

To facilitate answers to your questions and to put you in touch with the correct sources for information, please use the contacts below. (Direct line phone numbers are listed when available. To e-mail, click on the contact's name.)


Don't see who you're looking for? Then please call Temple Israel’s main number, 314-432-8050.  



   Contact  Direct Line  
Baby Namings    Sydney Masin  
Babysitting (High Holy Days)    Sydney Masin
Birth Notification    Sydney Masin  
Book of Remembrance    Melanie Thiede  
Calendar Information  Melanie Thiede  
 College Outreach    Rabbi Michael Alper  
 Confirmation   Jed Filler 314-432-8050   
Cotillion   Leslie Wolf 314-432-8076 
DATELINE (newsletter)  Rabbi Amy Feder  
Death Notification    Sydney Masin  
Deutsch Early Childhood Center    Leslie Wolf 314-432-8076 

Director of Business Operations

 Kim Rivera  

Bimah Flowers

   Ann Epstein 314-872-8159
Hebrew School   Jed Filler
Kaddish List    Sydney Masin  
Life Cycle Events  Debbie Jennings  
Member Account Information   JoAnn Stephan  
New Member Information  Laura Robbins  
Summer Day Camp    Leslie Wolf 314-432-8076 
Oneg Shabbat Sponsorship Debbie Jennings  
Perpetual Memorial    Sydney Masin  
Rabbis    Sydney Masin  
Religious School   Jed Filler 314-432-8076
Retreat Program Information   Jed Filler
Scheduling of Temple Usage  Laura Robbins  
Boy Scouts    Jim Rothberg 314-991-4115
Scrip (Gift Cards)    Diane Packman            
Tributes    Sydney Masin  
Wedding Blessings    Sydney Masin  
Yahrtzeits    Sydney Masin  
TIFTY (Grades 9-12)    Adam Grosman  
JYG (Grades 7-8)    Adam Grosman  
Club 56 (Grades 5-6)   Adam Grosman