Our Mission 


Congregation Temple Israel is a caring, inclusive community committed to living Reform Judaism and participating in the sacred destiny of the Jewish people and Israel through education, worship, and repair of the world.



Our Vision 


Since its founding in 1886, Temple Israel has been a leading synagogue within Reform Judaism and the United States. Our legacy is the product of a deep love of God, Torah and the Jewish people, and of the generosity, commitment, and vision which such love engenders. Continuing our pursuit of excellence and well-being, and building upon our Strategic Plan, the following represents our vision for Temple Israel as we look to the future.


Our caring shall know no limits.


We aspire to rejoice in each other's triumphs, support each other in our sorrows, and nurture each other on our paths to spirituality and wholeness. We aspire to be a community where strangers become friends and friends become family. As in every family, we aspire for every member to perform deeds of loving-kindness for each other and the community as a whole.


Our inclusiveness shall be unqualified.


We aspire to be an inclusive community in which everyone feels honored and loved for who they are, regardless of interfaith status, sexual orientation, race, age, or gender.


Our Judaism shall be living and nourishing to the soul.


We aspire for Judaism to be relevant, meaningful and vital in the lives of our congregants. Therefore, we shall enable and encourage each other to engage fully in study, worship, deeds of loving-kindness, and other primary expressions of living Judaism. As individuals and collectively, we shall support our community of living Judaism with generosity and fullness of heart. Moreover, just as we seek to conduct our personal lives with compassion, integrity, and responsibility, so too shall we conduct the business of the synagogue with compassion, integrity, and fiscal responsibility. In all these ways, we shall lead lives of holiness and fidelity to God and Torah.


Our love of the Jewish people and Israel shall be overflowing.


Recognizing that all Jews are responsible for each other, we aspire to teach and model Ahavat Yisrael - love for the Jewish people -- to children and adults alike.

Acknowledging our sacred partnership with one another, we shall pledge our talents and resources to assure the well-being of our synagogue community.


Understanding the miracle that is the State of Israel, we shall rejoice in its existence and draw it near to our hearts through ritual, learning, celebration, and pilgrimages for youth and adults alike.


Appreciating our commitment to Reform Judaism, we shall participate actively in the Reform Movement and build up Reform Judaism in Israel and throughout the world.


Expecting that our Jewish brothers and sisters honor and respect our beliefs and practices, we shall honor and respect theirs as well.


Our education shall prepare and inspire us to engage in living Judaism.


Education being integral to living Jewish lives, we shall commit ourselves to serious Jewish study over the entire course of our lives. As well, we shall aspire to offer abundant and high-quality learning opportunities for our entire community.


Our worship shall bring the Divine Presence into our midst and nourish our souls.


Called to be a holy people, our worship shall enable us to encounter the Divine and create a holy community. Called to love God with all of our heart, soul and might, our worship shall be uplifting, warm, and stimulating, thereby appealing to every dimension of our being -- the spiritual, the emotional, and the intellectual.


Our call to holiness shall animate us to engage in tikkun olam - repair of the world. Endeavoring to become a light to the nations, we shall answer the prophetic call to social and economic justice, environmental stewardship, understanding through interfaith dialogue, deeds of loving-kindness, and peace. Accordingly, we commit the fullness of our hearts, souls, and material resources to the realization of those exalted ideals.  


In these ways and more, we shall be a kehilah kedoshah - a holy community. 


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