Family Education

At TI, education opportunities for the entire family are woven into the Religious School curriculum.



Our successful B’yachad Program continues throughout the Religious School. B’yachad means “together” and the program calls for each grade level to have one family education program per year during school hours. Parents and/or grandparents are invited to join us for the morning which will feature an interactive program enabling adults and children to learn together.

Boker Tov TI

Boker Tov TI or "Good Morning TI" is an exciting new opportunity for all families in Religious School to come together for an engaging learning morning.  Different formats allow families to have the chance to spend the first thirty minutes of Religious School together in a unique learning environment. So join us on Nov 13th, Dec 18th, Feb 12th, and Apr 8th at 9:30 am and experience TI on Sunday morning with your child or children.